Fellows Brain

Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Jin Hyun Kim Jun. Prof.  Dr.  Jin Hyun  Kim  02/18 - 03/18
11/11 - 10/12
  • Brain
  • Guest of Rector
  • Musikalische Aisthesis und ästhetische Empathie: Perspektiven philosophischer und empirischer Musikästhetik
  • Publikationsprojekt: Schlüsselthemen musikalischer Grundlagenforschung
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft
Barbara Knowlton Prof.  Dr.  Barbara  Knowlton  12/01 - 08/02
  • Brain
  • Reasoning
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Psychology
Stefan Koelsch Prof.  Dr.  Stefan  Koelsch  07/12 - 08/12
11/12 - 11/12
  • Brain
  • Wie entsteht der Gänsehaut-Effekt in der Musik?
Freie Universität Berlin
Cluster of Excellence "Language of Emotion"
Bernhard Laback Dr.  Bernhard  Laback  08/12 - 12/12
02/12 - 05/12
  • Brain
  • Reconsidering Binaural Adaption in the Auditory System
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW)
AG Audiologische Akustik & Psychoakustik
Frédéric Laberge Dr.  Frédéric  Laberge  10/02 - 12/03
09/04 - 06/05
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Neuronal Basis of the Effect of Courtship Pheromones in Salamanders
  • Neurobiology of Fear Conditioning in Amphibians
University of Manitoba
The Freshwater Institute
Gisela Labouvie-Vief Prof. em.  Dr.  Gisela  Labouvie-Vief  12/12 - 09/13
  • Brain
  • Book Project: Feeling and Understanding: Their Integration Through Life
University of Geneva
Department of Psychology
Arne Leijon Prof. em.  Dr.  Arne  Leijon  02/12 - 04/12
  • Brain
  • Speech Understanding with Hearing Loss and Signal Enhancement Algorithms
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Systems Engineering
Pedro León Azofeifa Prof.  Dr.  Pedro  León Azofeifa  01/15 - 03/15
  • Brain
  • Revisiting the Function of the Right Human Isocortex from Imaging and Other Emerging Data
National Academy of Science of Costa Rica
Clayton Lewis Prof.  Dr.  Clayton  Lewis  02/17 - 07/17
  • Brain
  • Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Representations for Inclusive Design
University of Colorado, Boulder
Department of Computer Science
Xiaojing Li Dr.  Xiaojing  Li  03/20 - 08/20
  • Brain
  • Toward a signal complexity based EEG biomarker for the early detection of Alzheimer's Disease
Hong Kong Baptist University
Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies
Zili Liu Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Zili  Liu  06/15 - 08/15
08/13 - 12/13
  • Brain
  • Specificity and Transfer in Visual Perceptual Learning – Towards a Unified Account in Motion and Form Perceptual Learning
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Psychology
Glenis Long Prof.  Dr.  Glenis  Long  11/08 - 11/08
06/01 - 08/01
01/99 - 08/99
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • 1. Otoacoustic Emissions and Psychoacoustics,
  • 2. Procedures for Separating the Major Components of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions
The City University of New York
The Graduate School and University Center
Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda Prof.  Dr.  Enrique A.  Lopez-Poveda  06/21 - 09/21
  • Brain
  • Understanding age-related hearing deficits
University of Salamanca
Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y Leon
Andrew Lovett Dr.  Andrew  Lovett  11/13 - 07/14
  • Brain
  • An Integrated Computational Model of Spatial Reasoning and Visual Comparison
Northwestern University
Michael C. Mackey Prof.  Dr.  Michael C.  Mackey  09/00 - 12/00
  • Brain
  • Delays and Dynamics in Neural Systems
McGill University, Montréal
Department of Physiology & Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Psychology and Medicine
Gaurang Yashwant Mahajan Gaurang Yashwant  Mahajan  03/10 - 08/10
  • Brain
  • Organisation and Dynamic Function of Hierarchical Neural Networks
Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA)
Shamsul H. Mahmud Prof.  Dr.  Shamsul H.  Mahmud  11/99 - 02/00
  • Brain
  • Parallel Detection of Orientation Gratings and Perceptual Learning
University of Dhaka
Department of Psychology
Nikolaos Makris Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Nikolaos  Makris  01/19 - 03/19
01/20 - 03/20
  • Brain
  • MRI-based Parcellation of the Human Brainstem
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital
Center for Morphometric Analysis
Reza Maleeh Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Reza  Maleeh  02/10 - 07/10
  • Brain
  • A Holistic Theory of Consciousness, Concepts, and Information
Sharif University of Technology
Department of Philosophy of Science
Stuart C. Mangel Prof.  Dr.  Stuart C.  Mangel  07/13 - 10/13
  • Brain
  • Role of Horizontal Cell Signaling to Bipolar Cells in Producing the Receptive Field Surround in the Retina
The Ohio State University, Columbus
School of Biomedical Science