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Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Cristiano M. Chiessi Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Cristiano M.  Chiessi  07/12 - 02/13
  • Earth
  • Amazon River Discharge Variability During the Last Two Millennia: Towards Decoupling Natural and Anthropogenic Effects
University of São Paulo
School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities
Thomas M. Church Prof.  Dr.  Thomas M.  Church  03/03 - 06/03
06/10 - 07/10
04/06 - 05/06
08/04 - 08/04
  • Earth
  • Metal Cycling Across Marine Interfaces
University of Delaware, Newark
College of Marine Studies
Maximiliano Cledón Dr.  Maximiliano  Cledón  09/07 - 11/07
  • Earth
  • Ecotone shifts in wetland ecosystems: a case study in the Samborombón Bay, Argentina
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Dpto. de Ciencias Marinas, FCEyN
Laboratorio de Biologia y Cultivo de Crustáceos Marinos
Peter D. Clift Prof.  Dr.  Peter D.  Clift  09/09 - 12/09
09/11 - 12/11
09/10 - 12/10
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Reconstructing the Intensity and Impacts of the Asian Monsoon on the Environment and Mankind Since the Last Glacial Maximum
University of Aberdeen
Department of Geology & Petroleum Geology
Jacopo Dal Corso Dr.  Jacopo  Dal Corso  09/16 - 08/17
  • Earth
  • Carbon Cycle Perturbation and the Birth of Pelagic Calcification in the Carnian (Late Triassic)
Christopher J. Daly Dr.  Christopher J.  Daly  09/13 - 08/14
  • Earth
  • Beach State Variability from Video-based Observations
Ana Dittel Dr.  Ana  Dittel  07/02 - 07/02
06/03 - 06/03
  • Earth
  • Carbon and nitrogen sources of juvenile shore crabs (Carcinus Maenas) in the Wadden Sea
University of Delaware, Lewes
College of Marine Studies
Serena Donadi Dr.  Serena  Donadi  10/13 - 04/14
  • Earth
  • Exploring the Link Between Functional Diversity and Environment to Improve Management and Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems
University of Groningen
Centre for Ecological & Evolutionary Studies (CEES)
Department of Marine Benthic Ecology & Evolution (MarBEE)
Gregory K. Druschel Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Gregory K.  Druschel  05/12 - 05/12
  • Earth
  • Identification and Quantification of Redox-Active Sulfur Compounds in the Environment
Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Department of Earth Sciences
Rebekkah Dudgeon Rebekkah  Dudgeon  04/11 - 04/11
  • Earth
  • Reactive Oxygen Species at the Groundwater Beach Front Interface: Fe Oxidation at an Oxygen Rich Environment
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Partha Sharathi Dutta Dr.  Partha Sharathi  Dutta  02/11 - 02/11
  • Earth
  • Upper Water Column Food Web Dynamics in a Warming Ocean: Potential Impact of Increased Stratification
University of Exeter
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Gregor P. Eberli Prof.  Dr.  Gregor P.  Eberli  05/16 - 09/16
05/15 - 08/15
  • Earth
  • Processes Controlling Cold-Water Coral Systems from the Gulf of Mexico to the Western Atlantic
University of Miami
CSL - Center for Carbonate Research
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Research
Geoffrey Eglinton (verstorben) Prof.  Dr.  Geoffrey  Eglinton (verstorben)  04/00 - 07/00
10/02 - 11/02
10/03 - 11/03
04/04 - 04/04
  • Earth
  • 1. Exploration of the molecular record of aeolian dust input to deep sea sediments, 2. Book about biomarkers. Working title: Molekular fossils. Clues to the distant and not-so-distant past
Victor Z. Enolskii (verstorben) Prof.  Dr.  Victor Z.  Enolskii (verstorben)  01/11 - 04/11
01/10 - 07/10
  • Earth
  • Abelsche Integrale und Funktionen und ihre Anwendungen in Physik und Geodäsie
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Magnetism
Leonie Tabea Esters PhD  Leonie Tabea  Esters  11/21 - 02/22
  • Earth
  • Oceanic Turbulence in Coastal Regions - Driver for Air-Sea Gas Exchange
Uppsala University
Department of Earth Sciences
Bettina A. Fach-Salihoglu Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Bettina A.  Fach-Salihoglu  05/14 - 07/14
  • Earth
  • Modeling the Influence of Biophysical Processes on Anchovy Connectivity and Survival in the Black Sea: Present Day Conditions and a Possible Future Climate Scenario
Middle East Technical University
Institute of Marine Sciences
Mohamed A. A. Farag Prof.  Dr.  Mohamed A. A.  Farag  07/15 - 10/15
07/16 - 10/16
  • Earth
  • Soft Coral Biodiversity & the Bleaching Problem in the Egyptian Red Sea: A Comparative MS and NMR Metabolomics Approach
Cairo University
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacognosy
James Farquhar Dr.  James  Farquhar  01/06 - 06/06
  • Earth
  • Investigation of fractionation of the four isotopes of sulfur in bacterial sulfur metabolisms and applications to modern microbial communities
University of Maryland
Department of Geology
David Andrew Fike Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  David Andrew  Fike  05/12 - 08/12
02/11 - 08/11
  • Earth
  • Scale-Depending Coupling of Microbial-Geochemical Sulfur Cycling
Washington University in St. Louis
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Sergey Y. Gagaev Dr.  Sergey Y.  Gagaev  01/04 - 03/04
  • Earth
  • Studies of taxonomy and ecology of benthic Polychaeta from the Arctic Ocean
Russian Academy of Sciences
Zoological Institute