Fellows Earth

Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Carolina Reyes Dr.  Carolina  Reyes  08/11 - 07/12
  • Earth
  • Functional Genes of Marine Iron-Reducing Microorganisms
UC Santa Cruz
Department of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
Joachim Ribbe Dr.  Joachim  Ribbe  09/05 - 01/06
01/08 - 02/08
  • Earth
  • Coastal Ocean General Circulation Modelling
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
Michael Riedel Adjunct Prof.  Dr.  Michael  Riedel  06/14 - 07/14
04/13 - 07/13
  • Earth
  • Gas Hydrate and Permafrost Dynamics at Arctic Continental Margins: A Comparison of the Norwegian Spitsbergen Margin and the Canadian Beaufort Shelf Region
Natural Resources Canada
Geological Survey
Natascha Riedinger Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Natascha  Riedinger  06/18 - 08/18
06/17 - 08/17
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Collaborative Studies on Trace Metals Connected to Sulfur, Manganese and Iron Cycling in Dynamic Marine Systems: Implications for the Deep Biosphere and Paleoproxy Applications
  • Interplay of Subduction Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Carbon Cycling After an Extreme Subduction Erosion Event Offshore the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.
Oklahoma State University
Boone Pickens School of Geology
Justin B. Ries Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Justin B.  Ries  12/15 - 08/16
  • Earth
  • Using a Combined Microelectrode/Boron-Isotope Approach to Measuring the pH of Corals' Calcifying Fluids Under Normal and CO2-Acidified Conditions
Northeastern University
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
Marine Science Center
Baris Salihoglu Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Baris  Salihoglu  05/14 - 07/14
  • Earth
  • Ocean Acidification in Closed Regional Seas: Black Sea as a Test Case
Middle East Technical University
Institute of Marine Sciences
Sylvia Sander Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Sylvia  Sander  09/16 - 10/16
  • Earth
  • Comprehensive Characterization of Fe-Binding Ligands in Hydrothermal Vents - Understanding the Sources and Roles of Ligands in Hydrothermal Iron Flux
University of Otago
Research Center for Oceanography
Department of Chemistry
Isaac R. Santos Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Isaac R.  Santos  07/13 - 09/13
  • Earth
  • Is Groundwater Discharge a Major Source of Carbon Dioxide to the North Sea?
Southern Cross University
Center for Coastal Biogeochemistry
School of Envirnmental Science and Management
Abhijit Sanyal Dr.  Abhijit  Sanyal  12/98 - 05/99
  • Earth
  • Boron Isotopes as a Tool Forpaleo-PH Reconstruction
Columbia University
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Hendrik Schäfer Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Hendrik  Schäfer  06/19 - 09/19
07/21 - 09/21
  • Earth
  • Probing the Fate of Dimethylsulfide and Dimethylsulfoxide and Their Role in Organic Matter Degradation in Coastal Marine Sediments
The University of Warwick
School of Life Sciences
Timothy Schroeder Dr.  Timothy  Schroeder  09/13 - 05/14
  • Earth
  • The Role of Melt-Rock Interaction and the Formation of Hybrid Mantle-Crustal Rocks in Lithospheric Accretion at Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges
Bennington College
Division of Science and Mathematics
Jeffrey S. Seewald Dr.  Jeffrey S.  Seewald  09/09 - 01/10
  • Earth
  • Geochemical Modeling and Isotopic Investigation of Subsurface Processes in Submarine Hydrothermal Systems
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Timothy Shaw Prof.  Dr.  Timothy  Shaw  08/10 - 07/11
09/99 - 07/00
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Chemical Exchange in the Wadden Sea
  • Iron Cycling and the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Wadden Sea.
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Stefan M. Sievert Dr.  Stefan M.  Sievert  02/07 - 03/07
07/06 - 09/06
06/05 - 08/05
10/04 - 12/04
  • Earth
  • Anaerobic Phototrophic Mats as a Model for the Achaean and Early Proterozoic Biosphere
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Biology Department
Elisabeth L. Sikes Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Elisabeth L.  Sikes  05/13 - 08/13
06/12 - 08/12
  • Earth
  • Sources and Fate of Detrital Particulate Carbon in a Coastal Plain Estuary
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Cook College
Gabriel A. Singer Dr.  Gabriel A.  Singer  11/14 - 02/15
01/16 - 04/16
  • Earth
  • Linking Diversity of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) to Ecosystem Functioning - Implications of Network-Induced Resource Mixing and Diversity-Enhancement of DOM for CO2-Evasion in Fluvial Ecosystems
Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB), Berlin
Abt. 1, Ökohydrologie
Craig R. Smith Prof.  Dr.  Craig R.  Smith  10/05 - 12/05
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • 1. Biogeochemistry, Microbiology, and Meiofaunal Ecology of Large Food Falls at the Seafloor,
  • 2. Temperature Regulation of Microbial Activity in Polar Marine Sediments
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Department of Oceanography
Chang Soo Son Dr.  Chang Soo  Son  03/13 - 02/14
  • Earth
  • Sediment Dynamics and Morphodynamics in the Inter- and Subtidal Zone of the East Frisian Coast with Central Focus to Norderney Island
Chonnam National University
Faculty of Earth Systems & Environmental Sciences
Robert G. M. Spencer Dr.  Robert G. M.  Spencer  05/12 - 06/12
  • Earth
  • An Online Portal for DOMeomix: Development of an Online Environment for the Standardization, Sharing, Querying, Statistical Analysis and Visualisation of Organic Matter Biogeochemistry
Woods Hole Research Center
Howard J. Spero Prof.  Dr.  Howard J.  Spero  07/02 - 09/02
03/01 - 06/01
  • Earth
  • The Carbonate Ion Effect as a Tool to Interpret Foraminifera Carbon Isotopes and Reconstruct Paleo-pH
University of California, Davis
Department of Geology