Fellows 2020

Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Mihály András Imre Prof.  Mihály  András Imre  08/20 - 02/21
  • Brain
  • Survey of anatomy, histology and embryology education in the medical curriculum of three different European Union Universities. Comparison of anatomy teaching in the medical faculties of Groningen University, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and Sz
University of Szeged
Department of Anatomy
Faculty of Medicine
Marianna Anichini Dr.  Marianna  Anichini  01/20 - 10/20
  • Brain
  • Being a selfish soloist or a cooperative chorister? Rhythmic tuning and turn-taking in seal pups' choruses
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Biologie, Evolutionöre Ökologie
Anna Auguscik Dr.  Anna  Auguscik  09/18 - 08/20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Expedition Narratives
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fak. III - Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Melanie Behrens Dr.  Melanie  Behrens  09/18 - 08/20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Supply, Eastward Transport, and Temporal Variability of Trace Elements in the Zonal Current System of the Tropical West Pacific - An Integrated Innovative Study Using Nd Isitopes, Rare Earth Elements and Ocean Dynamics
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM)
Max Planck Research Group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry
Marshall Bowles Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Marshall  Bowles  10/19 - 02/20
10/20 - 11/20
  • Earth
  • A Highly Resolved Spatial Analysis of the Biogeochemistry of a Common Salt Marsh Grass Rhizosphere
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium - LUMCON
Sara Coelho Dr.  Sara  Coelho  01/20 - 10/20
  • Brain
  • When time meets empathy. A sentimentalist defence of morality in High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
University of Lisbon
Faculty of Medicine
Marci Cottingham Dr.  Marci  Cottingham  09/19 - 06/20
  • Society
  • Viral Fear: The Global Ebola Response
University of Amsterdam
Department of Sociology
Kenneth R. Coventry Prof.  Dr.  Kenneth R.  Coventry  01/06 - 06/06
08/07 - 09/07
08/08 - 08/08
08/10 - 08/10
01/20 - 01/20
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Spatial language in dialogue
  • Object-Location Memory and Object Knowledge: Underlying Mechanisms and Neural Correlates
University of Northumbria
School of Psychology and Sports Sciences
Cognition and Communication Research Centre
Christophe Delory Christophe  Delory  10/18 - 01/19
03/19 - 07/19
07/19 - 10/19
03/20 - 05/20
08/20 - 09/20
  • Society
  • art in progress
  • Society
  • U-Boot-Bunker Valentin - To Photograph the Absence
  • U-Boot-Bunker Valentin - To Photograph the Absence
  • NDW, Norddeutsche Woll- und Kammgarnspinnerei – Photographs by Christophe Delory
Tim Dorlach Dr.  Tim  Dorlach  04/20 - 09/20
  • Society
  • The Causes of Regulatory Welfare State Development: Lessons from Latin American Public Health Policy
GIGA Hamburg
GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies
Mario Dunkel Prof.  Dr.  Mario  Dunkel  09/18 - 08/20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Die Geschichte der deutschen Auswärtigen Kulturpolitik aus intersektionaler und interdisziplinärer Perspektive
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Institut für Musik
Eva K. Fischer Dr.  Eva K.  Fischer  02/20 - 07/20
  • Brain
  • Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Catherine Gegout Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Catherine  Gegout  09/20 - 01/21
  • Society
  • The European Union and the Developing World: Protectionism and Exploitation, or Economic and Social Development
University of Nottingham
School of Politcs an International Relations
Law and Social Sciences Building
Alessa J. Geiger Dr.  Alessa J.  Geiger  04/17 - 05/17
09/17 - 12/17
08/20 - 01/21
  • Earth
  • Combining Terrestrial and Marine Records to Track Patagonian Ice Sheet Dynamics in South-Western Chile
Pontificia Universidad Católica
Institute of Geography
Harmen Gudde Dr.  Harmen  Gudde  06/19 - 04/20
  • Brain
  • Object-Location Memory and Object Knowledge: Underlying Mechanisms and Neural Correlates
University of East Anglia
Faculty of Social Science
School of Psychology
Kamal Hajian Dr.  Kamal  Hajian  11/20 - 08/21
  • Energy
  • Gravitational Waves, Memory Effect, and Black Hole Microstates
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences IPM
Amy Hasinoff Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Amy  Hasinoff  08/19 - 05/20
  • Society
  • Revenge porn and community accountability: Design interventions
University of Colorado, Denver
Department of Communication
Verena Heise Dr.  Verena  Heise  05/20 - 02/21
  • Brain
  • The reproducibility/replication 'crisis' in biomedical sciences - A scoping literature review
University of Oxford
Nuffield Department of Pupolation Health
Big Data Institute
Chrissy Kolaya Asst. Prof.  Chrissy  Kolaya  01/20 - 05/20
  • Fiction Meets Science
  • The Second Voyage of Audley Worthington
University of Central Florida
Department of English
Manfred Lenzen Prof.  Dr.  Manfred  Lenzen  07/20 - 09/20
07/21 - 09/21
  • Earth
  • New Analytical Approaches for Exploring Sustainable Future Pathways
The University of Sydney
ISA, School of Physics A28