Fellows 2020

Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
András Imre Mihály Prof.  Dr.  András Imre  Mihály  08/20 - 02/21
  • Brain
  • Survey of anatomy, histology and embryology education in the medical curriculum of three different European Union Universities. Comparison of anatomy teaching in the medical faculties of Groningen, Oldenburg and Szeged.
University of Szeged
Department of Anatomy
Faculty of Medicine
Shauna Murray Prof.  Dr.  Assoc.  Shauna  Murray  04/21 - 09/21
  • Earth
  • The Role of Selection in the Evolution of Toxin-producing Dinoflagellates in the Sea
University of Technology Sydney
Climate Change Cluster
Martin Obligado Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Martin  Obligado  06/20 - 08/20
06/21 - 07/21
  • Energy
  • A benchmark study on the role of turbulent dissipation in wind energy applications
Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysics et Industriels (LEGI)
Silvio Pantoja Prof.  Dr.  Silvio  Pantoja  02/23 - 03/23
12/21 - 03/22
09/09 - 11/09
08/14 - 10/14
09/12 - 11/12
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Intact Polar Membrane Lipids (IPL) of Marine Fungal Communities and the Distributon of Fungi in the Marine Environment
  • Zooming into Laminated of the Southeastern Pacific Ocean Margin: Sub annual Variability and Millenial Trends in Redox Conditions, Sea Surface Temperature and Primary Production in the Upwelling Ecosystem off Northern Chile
Universidad de Concepcion
Department of Oceanography and FONDAP COPAS Center
Stephanie Plön Dr.  Stephanie  Plön  12/20 - 09/21
  • Earth
  • Whales and Dolphins as Indicators of Ocean Health – a new Transdisciplinary Approach for the Anthropocene
Bayworld Centre for Research and Education (BCRE)
Andrea Ravignani Dr.  Andrea  Ravignani  07/21 - 07/21
  • Brain
  • Being a selfish soloist or a cooparative chorister? Rhythmic tuning and turn-taking in seal pups' choruses
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Alberto Robador Ausejo Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Alberto  Robador Ausejo  09/21 - 06/22
  • Earth
  • Energy Bookkeeping in Ocean Ecosystems
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Department of Biological Sciences
Section Marine and Environmental Biology
Hendrik Schäfer Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Hendrik  Schäfer  07/21 - 09/21
06/19 - 09/19
  • Earth
  • Probing the Fate of Dimethylsulfide and Dimethylsulfoxide and Their Role in Organic Matter Degradation in Coastal Marine Sediments
The University of Warwick
School of Life Sciences
Sabine Sielke Prof.  Dr.  Sabine  Sielke  10/21 - 01/22
  • Brain
  • Memory, Mediation, Serialty: Re-cognizing Literary and Cultural Studies, Re-membering the Subject
Universität Bonn
North American Studies Program
Institut für Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie (IAAK)
Myat Su Yin Dr.  Myat  Su Yin  06/19 - 10/19
04/21 - 08/21
  • Brain
  • Representation and Reasoning about Surgical Procedures for Intelligent Virtual Training Environments
Mahidol University
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Venkataraman Thangadurai Prof.  Dr.  Venkataraman  Thangadurai  05/21 - 07/21
05/22 - 07/22
  • Energy
  • Solid State Electrolytes for Next Generation Li Batteries
University of Calgary
Department of Chemistry
Oleg Tsupko Dr.  Oleg  Tsupko  11/20 - 03/21
12/21 - 04/22
  • Energy
  • Appearance of strongly gravitating objects to distant observer: Black hole shadow and self-lensing of emitting compact star
Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
Gerry van Klinken Prof.  Dr.  Gerry  van Klinken  08/20 - 02/21
  • Society
  • Typhoon politics in 20th century Asia: states, markets, patronage
The University of Queensland
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Michael J. Whiticar Prof.  Dr.  Michael J.  Whiticar  03/19 - 06/19
03/21 - 06/21
02/18 - 05/18
  • Earth
  • Methane on Earth - Understanding and Tracking Methane Occurrence and Interactions between the Bio-, Geo-, Hydro-, Cryo- and Atmospheres
Martin Wosnik Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Martin  Wosnik  06/21 - 08/21
01/19 - 05/19
  • Energy
  • Flow Physics of Wind Turbine Wakes
University of New Hampshire
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bin Zhou Prof.  Dr.  Bin  Zhou  09/21 - 06/22
  • Brain
  • Object processing and its role in time perception
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences