Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Harmen Gudde Dr.  Harmen  Gudde  06/19 - 07/20
  • Brain
  • Object-Location Memory and Object Knowledge: Underlying Mechanisms and Neural Correlates
University of East Anglia
Faculty of Social Science
School of Psychology
Ricardo Guerrero Prof.  Dr.  Ricardo  Guerrero  06/02 - 06/02
01/02 - 03/02
  • Earth
  • Mikrobial Mats and Biofilms
Universidad de Barcelona
Department of Microbiology
Sean P. S. Gulick Prof.  Dr.  Sean P. S.  Gulick  07/16 - 10/16
  • Earth
  • Earth Transitions Explored through Scientific Drilling: Chicxulub Impact and the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event and Formation of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from Eocene to Miocene
The University of Texas at Austin
Jackson School of Geosciences
Institute for Geophysics & Department of Geological Sciences
Onur Güntürkün Prof.  Dr. Dr.  Onur  Güntürkün  11/15 - 11/15
  • Brain
  • Die Gedanken sind frei - aber werden sie es auch bleiben?
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Fakultät für Psychologie, AE Biopsychologie
M.V.S. Guptha Dr.  M.V.S.  Guptha  08/09 - 01/10
  • Earth
  • Foraminiferal Production and Monsoonal Upwelling in the Arabian Sea: Long Term Variability Evidenced by Sediment Traps
National Institute of Oceanography
Stefano Guzzini Prof.  Dr.  Stefano  Guzzini  08/07 - 07/08
  • Society
  • 1. Book Project: Power and International Relations, 2. Geopolitics Redux? 1989 and the Revival of Geopolitical Thought in Europe
Danish Institute for International Studies
Peter Haddawy Prof.  Dr.  Peter  Haddawy  05/17 - 08/17
06/16 - 12/16
06/18 - 08/18
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Intelligent Environments Supporting Learning and Decision Making in Complex Dynamic Medical Domains
  • Intelligent Virtual Environments for Surgical Training
Mahidol University
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Dittmar Hahn Prof.  Dr.  Dittmar  Hahn  05/10 - 08/10
  • Earth
  • Evaluation of Nitrogenase Genes as Markers in Marine and Terrestrial Microbial Community Studies
Texas State University, San Marcos
Department of Biology
Arghya K. Hait Dr.  Arghya K.  Hait  05/05 - 06/05
09/03 - 07/04
  • Earth
  • Studies on Holocene Mangrove Dymamics and Sea-Level Changes of the South Western Ganga-Brahmaputra Delta, India
City College
Department of Botany
Kamal Hajian Dr.  Kamal  Hajian  11/20 - 08/21
  • Energy
  • Gravitational Waves, Memory Effect, and Black Hole Microstates
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences IPM
Piers Hale Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Piers  Hale  09/17 - 06/18
  • Society
  • Historical Investigation into the Moral Significance of Evolution During the Nineteenth-Century
University of Oklahoma
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of History Science
Peter Andrew Hall Prof.  Dr.  Peter Andrew  Hall  09/10 - 12/10
05/10 - 06/10
  • Society
  • The Sources and Consequences of Institutional Change in Developed Political Economies
Harvard University
Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies
Anne Hamker Dr.  Anne  Hamker  10/05 - 11/05
01/05 - 04/05
  • Brain
  • 1. Emotion and aesthetics. An experimental approach toward an aesthetic experience of art, 2. The function of emotion in aesthetics
Peter J. Hammond Prof.  Dr.  Peter J.  Hammond  02/13 - 02/13
  • Society
  • Decision Field Theory in Psychology, and Revealed Preference in Economics: Designing an Intergrated Experimental Test
The University of Warwick
Department of Economics
Colleen M. Hansel Dr.  Colleen M.  Hansel  08/18 - 06/19
  • Earth
  • Unraveling the Complex Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Health and Activity of Marine Microorganisms
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Joan Haran Dr.  Joan  Haran  08/15 - 11/15
01/15 - 05/15
  • Fiction Meets Science
  • Genomic Fictions: Genes, Gender and Genre
Cardiff University
School of Social Sciences
Honorary Research Fellow
John Harnad Prof.  Dr.  John  Harnad  05/10 - 05/10
  • Earth
  • Abelsche Integrale und Funktionen und ihre Anwendungen in Physik und Geodäsie
Université de Montréal
Centre de recherches methématiques
Daniel Hartmann Dr.  Daniel  Hartmann  09/02 - 02/03
  • Earth
  • Empirical Modeling of Sediment Dispersal and Transport Pathways in Marine and Coastal Environments
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Department of Geography and Environmental Development
Hilairy E. Hartnett Dr.  Hilairy E.  Hartnett  07/13 - 08/13
  • Earth
  • Tracers for the Modern-Day Marine Carbon Cycle: Application of Molecular-Level Carbon Characterization to Ecosystems
Arizona State University, Tempe
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Physical Sciences Building
Amy Hasinoff Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Amy  Hasinoff  08/19 - 07/20
  • Society
  • Revenge porn and community accountability: Design interventions
University of Colorado, Denver
Department of Communication