Fellows 2018

Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Dorothee Albrecht Dorothee  Albrecht  02.01.18 - 31.03.18
  • art in progress
  • Tea Pavilion – Dwelling on the contemporary Globe – Starting with Hannah Arendt
Ayten Alkan Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Ayten  Alkan  01.08.18 - 30.06.19
  • Society
  • Revisiting 'Right to the City' from the Perspective of Non-Human: The Case of (Stray) Dogs
Yulia Apalkova Yulia  Apalkova  09.07.18 - 23.07.18
  • Brain
  • The Evolution and Function of Human Dance
Russian Academy of Sciences
Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Human Ethology
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology
Anna Auguscik Dr.  Anna  Auguscik  01.09.18 - 31.08.20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Expedition Narratives
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fak. III - Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Iliana B. Baums Assoc. Prof.  Dr.  Iliana B.  Baums  15.05.17 - 13.08.17
11.05.18 - 15.08.18
  • Earth
  • The Role of Microbes in Mitigating Stress of Deep-Sea Corals in Response to Oil and Dispersants Exposure
Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Department of Biology
Melanie Behrens Dr.  Melanie  Behrens  01.09.18 - 31.08.20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Supply, Eastward Transport, and Temporal Variability of Trace Elements in the Zonal Current System of the Tropical West Pacific - An Integrated Innovative Study Using Nd Isitopes, Rare Earth Elements and Ocean Dynamics
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM)
Max Planck Research Group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry
Martin Bleichner Dr.  Martin  Bleichner  01.07.16 - 30.06.18
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • "IMPACT": Improving Patterns of Social Interactions
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Department für Psychologie
Abt. Neuropsychologie
Guy Brasseur Prof.  Dr.  Guy  Brasseur  12.03.18 - 16.03.18
  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Desired Trajectories for the Earth System in the 21st Century
  • Desired Trajectories for the Earth System in the 21st Century
Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg
Hayley Cawthra Dr.  Hayley  Cawthra  01.11.17 - 30.01.18
  • Earth
  • Sea-Level Fluctuations, Submerged Landscapes on the South African Continental Shelf, and the Implications for Human Evolution
Council for Geoscience
Christophe Delory Christophe  Delory  09.10.18 - 08.01.19
15.03.19 - 15.06.19
  • Guest of Rector
  • U-Boot-Bunker Valentin - To Photograph the Absence
Wolfgang Detel Prof.  Dr.  Wolfgang  Detel  15.02.18 - 28.02.18
  • Guest of Rector
  • Publikationsprojekt: Schlüsselthemen musikalischer Grundlagenforschung
Traian Dumitrica Prof.  Dr.  Traian  Dumitrica  07.01.19 - 23.04.19
07.07.17 - 14.12.17
04.06.18 - 15.08.18
  • Energy
  • SCC-DFTB Objective Molecular Dynamics Investigations of ZnO Nano-Materials Targeting Thermoelectricity and Energy Conversion Applications
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Science and Engeneering
Mario Dunkel Prof.  Dr.  Mario  Dunkel  01.09.18 - 31.08.20
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Die Geschichte der deutschen Auswärtigen Kulturpolitik aus intersektionaler und interdisziplinärer Perspektive
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Institut für Musik
Kathryn Edwards Prof.  Dr.  Kathryn  Edwards  25.07.17 - 08.07.18
  • Society
  • Living with Ghosts
University of South Carolina, Columbia
History Department
Lenin Francisco Escamilla Herrera Dr.  Lenin Francisco  Escamilla Herrera  15.02.18 - 15.03.18
  • Energy
  • Energy and Entropy in Non-Ideal Thermodynamics
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Institute of Nuclear Sciences
Zoe Falomir Llansola Dr.  Zoe  Falomir Llansola  01.07.16 - 30.06.18
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Problem-Solving, Creativity and Spatial Reasoning in Cognitive Systems
Universität Bremen
Bremen Spatial Cognition Center
Cognitive Systems
Ernst Ferg Prof.  Dr.  Ernst  Ferg  03.04.18 - 23.11.18
  • Energy
  • The Use of Li-ion Batteries as Starter, Lighting and Ignition Power Sources in Automotive Vehicles
Nelson Mandela University
Department of Chemistry
Bernhard Fink Dr.  Bernhard  Fink  01.05.18 - 28.02.19
  • Brain
  • The Evolution and Function of Human Dance
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
Georg-Elias-Müller-Institut für Psychologie
Lata Gawade Dr.  Lata  Gawade  27.02.18 - 30.08.18
  • Earth
  • Linking Variations in Particulate Organic Matter Origin, Composition and Sources to Bacterial Metabolic Rates, and Community Composition – Implications for Carbon Cycling in Estuaries
CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography
Biological Oceanography Division
Alkiviadis Ginalis Dr.  Alkiviadis  Ginalis  01.07.16 - 30.06.18
  • Postdoc-Kolleg
  • Aegean Port Networks of the Roman to Byzantine Periods
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW)
Institut für Mittelalterforschung
Abt. Byzanzforschung